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Seattle, Washington, USA

sunny 27 °C

Took one last walk around his morning. Watched fishermen trying their luck in the local Ship Creek.

Flew to Seattle (3hr) this afternoon.

We'd 27th
Seattle, home of Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing & Starbucks! Rock & Roll Museum set up by Paul Allen (Microsoft) using mostly his own collection. Lots of public art through the streets. All building projects need to commit 1% of their building costs to a piece of city art, so plenty to see.
Rode the Hop On Hop Off Emerald City Trolley for a couple of hours.
Went to Pike Place Public markets for lunch- oldest markets for fresh produce, gifts etc. (6levels).
Tonight caught the State Ferry for Bainbridge Island just before sunset (8pm). Watched the sun set over the island as we approached. Good view of Mt Rainier 90km south of Seattle. Had dinner on Bainbridge Is- small exclusive community with some beautiful waterside homes.
Late ferry home.
Space needle & city water feature.
Queue outside the original Starbucks store.
Public art.
Pike Place Public Markets.
Mt. Rainier.
Sunset over Bainbridge Is.

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all seasons in one day 16 °C

Disembarked in Whittier this morning & caught the 1.5hr shuttle to Anchorage. Passed through a 5km tunnel through a mountain, unique because it is dual use (rail & car), but only single lane. Direction changes every half hour & needs to be timed around train schedule.
On our way into the city drove along the shore of the Turnagain Arm Inlet for quite some time. Saw about 10 beluga whales close to shore! Easy to spot as they are so white against the water. Fantastic!
Anchorage is quite a large city (nearly half of Alaska's population lives here). Lots of beautiful, oversized, colourful flowers through the city. They say they benefit from the extra hours of sunshine in the summer.
Rainy morning, but cleared this afternoon.
Hopped on the trolley bus tour. Very interesting, especially evidence of 1964 (9.2 richter) earthquake damage. Then did our own self guided walk & followed that with another ranger guided walk which concentrated on Capt. Cook's exploration of Alaska.
Float planes are secondary form of transport in Alaska.

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Inside Passage Cruise day 6

Glacier Bay

Woken early this morning by narration from Park Rangers who would guide us through Glacier Nat. Pk (by cruise ship).
Amazing scenery! Blue skies again today but much cooler winds as they come off the ice. Made our way into various inlets and up close to the glaciers and even watched ice carvings fall into the sea from Margerie Glacier making loud 'white thunder'.
The front face of the glacier is up to 70m tall. Quite impressive & beautiful. Too many glaciers to count, but different to ones we have seen, as these are known as tidal glaciers because they finish at the sea.
Saw a killer whale, albeit at a distance but confirmed with binoculars!
Few seals too.




Dressed for the occasion & catch whatever sun we could.

Sun 24th
First real Alaskan weather day-cold, misty and continuous light rain
Early stop at Hubbard Glacier- biggest one yet & tallest at about 200m. Very pretty blue colour and multiple carvings happening regularly.
Last sea day before disembarking at Whittier tomorrow. Little more choppy ocean today as we are in open sea now.

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Inside Passage Cruise day 5


Cute historically restored town complete with boardwalks for footpaths, saloons & famous White Pass Yukon Railway train running from the town.
Did walking tour in the morning which concentrated on the gold rush era & the start of the railway.
In the afternoon did the White Pass & Yukon train trip which winds it's way up the mountains to the summit & across the USA border into Canada. Was introduced to help get gold seekers to the goldfields after many years of climbing the trail by foot! Fantastic scenery over steep granite cliffs & thick woods. Amazing to even imagine building the railway!
Finished the afternoon with a couple of drinks at a brew house & the famous Red Onion Saloon which was a brothel in it's heyday, & now has a museum upstairs & all the waitresses are dressed in period costume.
Saw a sea otter in the harbour near our boat, which then climbed up the bank & ran across the road! (Unusual potential road kill!)
Building facade decorated with driftwood & an elk horn light shade.
White Pass Yukon Rail trip.
Red Onion Saloon walls adorned with collection of potties.
Cheeky sea otter hovering around the salmon fish ladder.

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Inside Passage Cruise day 4


Juneau- capital of Alaska.
Big day today! Whale watching this morning. Saw a couple of dozen humpbacks, with a few breaching really close to our boat. Also saw seals & Steller's sea lions.
Magnificent scenery in one of the world's longest & deepest fjords, surrounded by multiple mountains topped with glaciers!



Went for a short walk through town, then this afternoon went rafting down an icy river starting at the Mendenhall Glacier in icy water & included a few rapids. Not exactly 'white water rafting' but was so much fun! Got wetter than expected even with all our gear. Saw a bald eagle on the river bank.

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